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Fun things for families to do in and around Carlsbad CA

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Family Christmas Tree Farm Located at: 300 Pepper Dr. El Cajon, CA 92021 Located in the community of El Cajon, they a family-owned ten-acre farm growing the native-California Monterey Pine for you to cut. They provide the saw for cutting and twine for you to tie it on your car. Brought to you by Building Blocks Home Daycare in Carlsbad, CA.

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Take The Coaster To Zoomars In San Juan Capistrano

Take the Coaster up to Zoomars in San Juan Capistrano. Zoomars is a wonderful petting zoo. Kids love trains and kids love animals. Why not put them together in this fantastic family outing. Our family has made this trip twice via the Coaster and it is always a great fun time. Brought to you by Building Blocks Home Daycare in …Continue reading →

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Belmont Park in San Diego, CA

Not in Carlsbad but close enough hey! Our family just went here yesterday with my god-daughter, best friend, and cousin. FYI – my besty married my cousin. Comparatively somewhat inexpensive. $20 bucks gets your child a wrist band so they can ride all the rides – about 12 or so in total. There are rides for small children and older …Continue reading →

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